Worship Times

Worship Times

Our Worship Service begins at 10:00am Sunday morning.

  • Sunday School runs throughout the school year from September through May and begins at 10:30am following the Children's Message in the Worship service.

Other Activities

  • Youth Confirmation is a 2 year program that begins in September and generally runs through May where we learn about Holy Scripture, walking all of the students through the major themes and accounts in the Bible. We also learn about what Scripture teaches, what we believe, what God has revealed in His Word, and how that shapes and informs our daily lives.
  • Youth Group covers the ages of 12-17 and starts in September running through May. We have lots of activities, as well as times for learning about how our faith in Christ impacts our lives in this world through small devotions. Youth Group traditionally is on Friday evenings starting at 7:00pm at Christ Lutheran Church.
  • Bible Study is happens during the week, Tuesdays at 7:00pm, our topics can range quite substantially from an indepth look at a book of the Bible to a topical study. 
  • Mom's Group On Wednesday mornings we have a group of mom's that meet where encouragement and support is given as we all go through the joys and hardships of raising children. This is not just for new mom's but also for those who are farther along the journey. They gather with eachother and around the God's Word, enjoying the community of their sisters in Christ.