Frequently Asked Questions







Do we need to be members of Christ Lutheran Church in order to attend the preschool?

No you do not. We welcome students of all religions and denominations. That being said, there is always an open invitation for everyone to join us for service on Sundays.

Are parents required to volunteer?

No, parents are not required to volunteer. We do, however, encourage it! We are always happy to have an extra pair of hands in the classroom and children love bringing their parents in for the day. We ask though that you not bring any other children with you while you volunteer.

Do I have to send a snack to school with my child?

No, you do not. Because of generous donations from the Christ Lutheran Church Ladies Group, we are able to provide all students with a nutritious snack each day. We even make accomodations for many common allergies. Of course, you may still send your own snack for your child if you prefer.

How large are your class sizes?

We have a maximum of 16 students per class and every class has a teacher and an educational assistant.

Do you have separate classes for different aged students?

No we do not. All of our classes have students ages 3-5, which allows you to choose the time slot that works best for your family. While grouped together, we still have individualized expectations of each student based on age and ability.

What if I cannot afford preschool?

If you cannot afford preschool, one option that may be available to you is the Alberta Child Care Subsidy. This program will cover all costs for lower income families. You can find more information about it here.

Can I take a tour of the preschool?

Of course! Please call us at 780-998-2539 or email us at to set up an appointment.

Did I hear Pineview Christian Nursery School is not for profit?

It is true! As a mission of Christ Lutheran Church, we are a non-profit organization and it is one of the many reasons we can keep our fees so low.